Access: Next-Gen Powered Running Boards

New ActionTrac Powered Running Boards: It’s a Step-within-a-Step

New ARIES ActionTrac powered running boards are unlike any other power steps on the market!


Because they feature an innovative, industry-exclusive step-within-a-step design. They’re actually two steps in one!

This provides the easiest possible access (up to 15″ drop), especially on a larger, lifted Jeep Wrangler or truck.

More Unique Features:

  • Foldout step, pivot points and all electrical components are safely protected from mud, water and road grime inside the housing
  • Faster, easier, no-drill bracket installation with vehicle-specific brackets
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Proudly made in the USA!

Find out what else makes ActionTrac unique, like their non-corrosive construction, single rotary motors and control module for added safety.

 Vehicle Accessories carries Access and Aries products as well as a wide selection of running boards. Please visit one of our 4 locations or check out our website for more details.

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