Drill-Free Light Bar Mounts


No one wants to drill into the cab of a brand new truck. With more and more cabs being built from aluminum, magnets are no longer an option. Here are three drill-free options:

Top of the Line
Buyers Drill Free Light Bar Cab Mount offers vehicle-specific models for an array of different makes and models of truck. The large 22 in. by 10 in. platform can accommodate a wide range of light bars, beacons, work lights, strobes.BUYERS DRILL FREE MOUNT

The Best Value
Buyers Fleet-Series Drill-Free Light Bar Cab Mount is very similar to the aforementioned mount, but with a value-conscious price. A low-profile design offers great aerodynamics. This option is only available for 2015+ Ford® F-150/2017+ Ford F-250-550.


The Budget Option
Buyers Self Adhesive magnetic Mount Pad for Aluminum Cabs is the most economical option. It allows you to use the light bar’s magnetic mounts on an aluminum truck cab. The mount uses 3M® tape for strong adhesion through inclement weather.



Vehicle Accessories carries Buyers Products Drill-Free Light Bar Mounts as well as a wide selection of Buyers Products. Please visit one of our 4 locations or check out our website for more details.

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